КИК : Asimilación #5

КИК “Asimilación” podcast no. 5, August 2013.
One hour of global new punk / street punk / Oi! / HC / crust.



Zuname Intro Russia
Zuname Zombieland Russia
Mister X Какими мы были (“The Way We Were”) Belarus
Bull Brigade Dopo la Pioggia Italy
Streets of Rage Stay Rude France
4 Past Midnight Who Takes The Blame UK
Rat-Zinger Matar A Rat-Zinger Spain
Social Workers Свет в конце тоннеля
(“Light at the End of the Tunnel”)
Odio Social Avtomat Kalashnikova Brasil
Old Firm Casuals Bloodsucker USA
Restarts Turned It All To Shit UK
Boot Boys Bastardos Euskal Herria
Hatebreed Put It To The Torch USA
Straight Opposition Don´t Try To Set As One Italy
Siberian Meat Grinder Die On The Road Russia
Unfit Revenge France
By Any Means Hardcore Pride N. Ireland
No Second Chance Don´t Bring Me Down UK
Instinto Monstruos Spain
Okus Burn It To The Ground Ireland
Krüger Dalsia Cesta Konzumu Czech Republic
Neid L´egoista Italy
Totälickers Cap Estat Catalunya

КИК : Asimilación #5, Aug 2013

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