Acidez : “Van a Odiar”

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Acidez, “Van a Odiar”, del 2014 album “Beer Drinkers Survivors”.

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Bam Bam Records (Mexico)
Voltage Records (Europe)

Acidez - Van A Odiar

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Acidez, “Camino al Infierno”. Hardcore Punk Thrash and Roll from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Album: “Beer Drinkers Survivors” (2014).

Recorded in Noise Devil Studio by Tona Perez , Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Mixed by Joel Grind and mastered by Brad Boatright in Audiosiege Studio, Portland, Oregon, USA.

BamBam Records (Mexico)
Voltage Records (Europe).



Acidez is a “Hardcore Punk” band from Guadalajara, Mexico, which started in 2003 playing a more classic style of Street Punk, and released the first demo in 2004, and in 2008, the first album “No Hay Futuro”.
in 2010 the music style changed as well, they started to add Thrash, D-Beat, Punk ‘n’ Roll elements into their sound, playing now Punk Thrash & Roll.

In 2012, they released an album “Don’t Ask For Permission”. Their second album, “Beer Drinkers Survivors”, was released in February 2014. After almost 10 years playing, they have kept the same attitude since the beginning, always remembering that this way of life is forever . “Fuck you if you don’t like it!”






Acidez Euro Tour 2014


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