Trubetskoy : “Magister Bibendi”

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Trubetskoy, “Magister Bibendi”, title track from the album of the same name.
Rock from Minsk, Belarus.

Режиссер – Виталий Сидорук / Director – Vitaliy Sidoruk
Оператор – Дмитрий Шиханцов / Operator – Dmitry Shikhantsov

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Trubetskoy - tour

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ОЙРА! : “Маруся”

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ОЙРА!, “Маруся”. Punk-rock from Belarus.

Charisma, integrity, brightness, impulsivity, honesty and simplicity. These words, amongst others, could be used to describe the good-natured and positive punk-rock band from Belarus, ОЙРА! (“OIRA!”). They play really good music, not only in the Studio, but also live.

Another trump card of the group is their expressive, emotional behavior on stage, accompanied by sharp accessible jokes. Thus, they manage to create a certain emotional aura, and to communicate with the audience, forming a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a rock drive.

At the moment, being already well known in their native country Belarus, the group “OIRA!” is actively promoting their work in Russia and Ukraine, constantly touring and participating in large open-air festivals, all the time gaining more followers.



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Deadfall, “Распятие” (“Crucifixion”). Official Live Video.
Minsk City Hardcore.

Deadfall - Crucifixion

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