Napalm Death, “Smash A Single Digit”.
Taken from the album “Apex Predator – Easy Meat”, Century Media Records, 2015.
Grindcore/metal from Birmingham, UK.

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Napalm Death - Through Space and Grind Tour 2015

Napalm Death :

Century Media :

Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat

Teething, “Ralph”, 4-track 7″.
Punk/crust/grindcore/hardcore/powerviolence from Madrid, Spain.

1. White Cross Inversion 02:25
2. Asshole Cancer 01:21
3. Cratediggers 01:22
4. We Were Friends 01:27

Side A contains four tracks, while side B contains a maggot-infested etching.

Released by Neolithic Productions, Dingleberry Records, Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, Odio Sonoro, Nooirax Producciones, Fuck The Police Records, Mono Canibal, Hecatombe Records and Discos Macarras.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Koke at Manufacturas Sonoras (February 2014).
Released 28 April 2014.

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Teething - 2014 Tour

Teething :

Teething - Ralph

Nakka, “Шатун”.
Grindcore / Brutal death from Russia.

Land of the future inhabited soulless mutants. The remnants of humanity living in the catacombs and cautiously out on the surface of the planet. And all because the people have made the wrong choice – the last concert was played in the year 2032, and the life-giving spirit of rock ceased to protect the planet. Will the brave descendants of the mechanics save the Earth?

Cast: Alexander Letunov, Igor Smirnov, Valery Bersenev, Alexey Morev.

Operators: Alexey Polyakov Denis Makarov, Denis Losco.

Effects and post-processing: Andrew Tregubov, Aleksey Polyakov

– –
“Земля будущего населена бездушными мутантами. Остатки человечества ютятся в катакомбах и с опаской выходят на поверхность планеты. А все потому, что люди сделали неправильный выбор – последний концерт был сыгран в 2032 году, и живительный дух рока перестал защищать планету. Сможет ли отважный потомок слесарей спасти Землю?”

В ролях: Александр Летунов, Игорь Смирнов, Валерий Мерзенёв, Алексей Морев.

Операторы: Алексей Поляков, Денис Макаров, Денис Лозко.

Эффекты и пост-обработка: Андрей Трегубов, поляков Алексей

Nakka :


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Ultimo Mondo Canibale, preview of new track “Funeral Gangbang”. Grindcore from Roma, Italia.

Ultimo Mondo Canibale :

Ultimo Mondo Cannibale

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Murders Calling, “Corpi a prendere”, estratto dal LP 12″ in uscita ora su “Goodbye Mankind”.

Murders Calling, “Corpi a prendere”, from the forthcoming 12″ LP “Goodbye Mankind”.

Murders Calling :

Murders Calling

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