Neuromancer, “Исходный грех” (“Original Sin”). Track taken from the album “новой волны” (“New Wave”). Future Pop / Synth Rock from Moscow, Russia.


Lori! Lori!, “Меланхолия” (“Melancholy”), from the album of the same name.
Rock from Moscow, Russia.

Video directed By Dima Brain.

Lori! Lori! :

“Меланхолия” the album on iTunes :

Lori! Lori!
Lori! Lori!

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SVET, “Андеграунд” (“Underground”) (cover Ульи/the Hives).

The SVET project presents their new single, a cover version of the song “Underground” by the Hives. This little hymn of their reality, which becomes especially relevant now.

In addition to the track, it was decided to make the event more meaningful and add to it a themed video. The video for “Underground” was created in just 2 days, and is strictly in the style of DIY / Lo-Fi and fully complies with the mood and message of the track.

SVET - Underground

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KEROSIN, “Наше Отечество – Все Человечество!” (“Our Generation – All mankind!”), from the new album “ПАНК И РОК’Н’РОЛЛ” (“Punk & Rock’n’Roll”) available now.
Punk’n’Roll from Moscow, Russia.

Concert clips filmed at Arena Club, Moscow, February 21 2014, where KEROSIN supported legends of horror-punk The Misfits.

We are against the fratricidal wars, against deceitful and dishonest politicians, against the herd instinct, against division into “them and us” and we are for Peace, Friendship, Freedom, Struggle, Creativity, and Independence!

Download the album here :

Kerosin - Punk Rock'n'Roll

Agitators feat Tilidin, “Berlin – Moscow”.
Punk-rock/Street-punk from Moscow.

In a time of political conflicts and disputes, we don’t wan’t to follow their incite to prejudices.
We don’t need to support the crusades of selfish leaders!!!

Our family has the same language worldwide, it’s called Rock’n’Roll and it goes over the borders!!!

Во время политических конфликтов и споров мы не хотим следовать подстрекательствам и предрассудкам, мы не хотим поддерживать крестовых походов корыстных лидеров !!!

Наша семья имеет один язык во всем мире – он называется Rock’n’Roll и он стирает все границы !!!


The band was formed in the Moscow suburb of Reutov in 2006 by three mates, who grew up on the same street, studied in the same school and loved the same kind of music. Their first steps were experimental – a kind of a mix of grunge/post-punk and garage-rock. Their first record called “The Streets” was never published, but a few tracks made it onto later albums. The same year, the Agitators started to play their first local gigs.

In 2007, they got in touch with famous Moscow punk-rocker Aleksey “Red” Mitin and finding lots in common in punk-rock attitude, take him into the band as a lead singer. This line up changed the band`s sound to classic American 90’s punk-rock sound. In December 2008, Agitators present their debut album “I`ll Never Forget Those Days”.
The tremendous success of this first record made the band popular on the punk-rock scene all over Russia, gathering lots of punk-fans on gigs in Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belorussia. Later, the world famous American punk-rock band Anti-Flag took Agitators as their support band for their Moscow show.

In May 2010, the second album “The Hidden Force” was released. More powerful and at same time melodic tracks, more fans and more gigs in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia. But in spite of the band`s success, Alexey Red quits Agitators in 2011.

The same year, new guitarist Ivan Eroshin, from famous Moscow punk band Zuname, joins the Agitators. They keep working and recording their third full length album. The new material sounds less aggressive, more melodic and has even romantic break-up songs. Autumn 2012 saw the new album released 100% on D.I.Y. terms. A fact which can`t be skipped – all along the years, Agitators never ever rented a studio for recording their stuff. In a small flat of suburb town Reutov, the band has their own 9 square meters studio space, where all previous and further albums will be recorded. It`s high time to say “Thank you neighbors”. As bonus material, some acoustic versions were recorded, and the band plays local acoustic gigs in Moscow and two-days gigs in Saint-Petersburg, Kirov and other Russian towns.

In the beginning of 2013, Agitators play their first on-air show on “Radio-Radio” directed and held by Alexander “Cha-Cha” Ivanov from the historically famous Moscow punk-rock band NAIVE. Autumn 2013 saw Agitators’ first European tour booked.

Agitators :

Tilidin :

Agitators feat. Tilidin

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