Lumen : “Голоса мира”

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Lumen, official video for the song “Голоса мира” (“Voices of peace”).
Director: Alexander Makov
Operator: Mikhail Yakunin
Executive producer: Oleg Larionov

“Voices of Peace” is the result of joint creativity between Lumen and their audience. At the end of 2015, the group invited everyone to participate in writing the lyrics for anti-war songs (… and received hundreds of letters. “From different interpretations of common ideas came the final result“, says Tam Bulatov. – “We tried to put into the song what each author wanted to convey“.

The vocals brought together various young musical groups and speakers at different times at the festival Rocksmena, which Lumen perform at annually. In the choruses, you can hear 18 groups from three countries: Factoreal (St. Petersburg), Image Effect (Kiev, Ukraine), NGe (Minsk, Belarus), Nizkiz (Mogilev, Belarus), Near To Paradise (Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan), OLBY (Yekaterinburg), Qwerty (Moscow), Rowbens (Simferopol), Stempline (Irkutsk), Sweet Pad (Podolsk, Moscow region), “Agama” (Chelyabinsk), “Cinnamon” (Arkhangelsk), “Project Gitary” (Boryspil, Ukraine)”Straddle” (Tambov), “Counter thoughts” (Murmansk), “the thoughts of Others” (Izhevsk), “Yuri Gagarin” (Astrakhan), “Brighter!” (Ulyanovsk).

Lumen :
Schedule of concerts:

Lumen - Golosa Mira

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Walls Of Jericho, “Fight The Good Fight”, track taken from their 4th album “No One Can Save You From Yourself”, out on March 25th on Napalm Records.
Hardcore / metal / rock from Detroit, USA.

“Shrieking guitar assaults. Sirens. Words of warning. Thousands marching. The intro for No one can save you from yourself establishes in mere seconds that WALLS OF JERICHO are ready for the final resistance – after all, why would these hardcore / metalcore legends fall silent after almost 20 years? The five-piece loves to rub salt into gaping wounds, and WALLS OF JERICHO fans worldwide count on the unmatched aggression and integrity of Detroit`s daughter and sons – be it at their brutal live shows or on record! Eight years after The American Dream, Candace Kucsulain and Co. have found new allies in Napalm Records and seem more relentless than ever: there`s no space for soft nuances! Maddening riffing, downbeats, and huge breakdowns proudly display the band`s historical vigor. Elegiac hardcore parts mix well with metallic splendor and the track ‘Anthem‘ is an unforgettable example! A track and an album meant to be echoed by a thousand voices, baptized in sweat via the circle pit.”

Pre-order “No One Can Save You From Yourself”:
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Walls of Jericho :

Walls of Jericho

Би-2 : “Компромисс”

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Би-2, “Компромисс” (B-2, “Compromise”), 2016.
Track taken from the album “#16плюс” (“#16+”).

Режиссер-оператор: Игорь Шмелев
Продакшн: BROPRO (
Идея: Игорь Шмелев, Алексей Федоров
Стилист: Анна Чистова
Мэйкап: Анна Хоменко, Кристина Фрейм
Продюсер: Саша Стерлев, Настя Зотова
Актеры: Александр Петлюра, Екатерина Волкова, Яшка Казанова, Мария Фомина, Сергей Волков, Николай Кокин, Милош Руминов, Софья Федорова.
Группа Би-2: Leva Би-2, Shura Би-2, Андрей Звонков, Борис Лифшиц, Ян Николенко, Макс Лакмус

Director-operator: Igor Shmelev
Production: BROPRO (
Idea: Igor Shmelev, Alexey Fedorov
Stylist: Anna Chistova
Makeup: Anna Khomenko, Christina Frame
Producer: Sasha Sterlet, Anastasia Zotova
Actors: Alexander Petlura, Ekaterina Volkova, Yashka Kazanova, Mariya Fomina, Sergey Volkov, Nikolay Kokin, Milos Ruminov, And Sofia Fedorova.
Group B-2: Leva Bi-2, Shura Bi-2, Andrew Call, Boris Lifshitz, Jan Nikolenko, Max Litmus

Би-2 :
Вконтакте –
Facebook –
Soundcloud :
Youtube :
Vimeo :
Instagram – @b2band
Twitter –

The album, “#16+” (“#16плюс”), is available from the following sites :
Yandex (stream) :!/album/2150009
Google Play:

B2 - Compromise

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Trubetskoy : “Magister Bibendi”

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Trubetskoy, “Magister Bibendi”, title track from the album of the same name.
Rock from Minsk, Belarus.

Режиссер – Виталий Сидорук / Director – Vitaliy Sidoruk
Оператор – Дмитрий Шиханцов / Operator – Dmitry Shikhantsov

“Magister Bibendi” on iTunes :

Trubetskoy :

Store :

Trubetskoy - tour

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Синегор & Mary-A, “Верь в Себя” (DJ Navvy scratch).
Sinegor & Mary-A, “Believe In Yourself” (DJ Navvy scratch).
Rock from Russia.

..расправь крылья и лети..
(“…spread your wings and fly…“)

слова/Lyrics – Синегор
музыка/Music – Вячеслав Мерцалов, DJ Navvy

в ролях/starring – Даниил Сухов, Иван Запорожан, Юлия Корнеева
операторы/Operators – Андрей (4Street4Life), Синегор
монтаж/Editing – Синегор, Евгений Лесниченко
отдельное спасибо/special thanks – Дато, Сергей Кудин, Smokin’ Johnny

Синегор –

инстаграм/Instagram –

iTunes –
Google Play –
Яндекс.Музыка –

Sinegor and Mary-A

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