Pixelord : “Human.exe”

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Pixelord – Human.exe, by Dima Terem from Pixelord on Vimeo.

Video directed by Dima Terem (https://vimeo.com/dimaterem).
Music by Pixelord.
Costume by Moon (Stigma Show stigmashow.com).
Sergei Prekrasnov DoP.
Camera Dima Terem.
Producer Oksana Tarasova.
Visual Fx Dima Terem, Mikhail Gaidamaka.

Pixelord – real name Alexey Devyanin – is at the vanguard of new electronic innovation coming out of Russia. He delivers a refined, emotive melting pot of sounds that stands alone in the ever evolving world of electronic music. Tough and touching in the same breath, Alexey Devayin is at the forefront of an ever-evolving Russian scene that many consider one of most exciting musical developments in recent years.

A generation who grew up on the internet, their world wide approach is matched to a creative sensibility that operates without boundaries.

His new album “Human.exe” is out now and is an enthralling work of electronic composition, one that sounds entirely at home in its own unique universe. The album is available from Hyperboloid : http://hyperboloid.ru/album/human-exe.

Alexey explains: “‘Human.exe’ is about a robot who wants to be a human but still he is a program, exe file. The video will be about this particular robot too. My music was always retro futuristic and nostalgic about old computers and systems, this time as well .exe is the reference to my childhood, Idm music, DOS programs and cyber romanticism.

The title cut unfurls and unfolds at its own pace, the production trickery allied to an emotional punch that will take a while to forget. Dima Terem directs the accompanying visuals, and the results are truly mindblowing.

Pixelord sits among a current wealth of producers where sound dominates over genre, mashing elements of Futuristic Bass, Footwork, Garage and Grime together into a unique take on bass music. Over the past year Pixelord has released music for tastemaker labels such as Error Broadcast, Leisure System, Infinite Machine and Hit & Hope to critical acclaim. In 2014 Pixelord performed at the first ever Boiler Room in Russia, toured USA and China. In 2015 collaborated with Marcos Zotes to make the soundtrack for a videomapping installation in Moscow.




Pixelord - Human.exe

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Neuromancer, “Исходный грех” (“Original Sin”). Track taken from the album “новой волны” (“New Wave”). Future Pop / Synth Rock from Moscow, Russia.



Lumen : “Голоса мира”

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Lumen, official video for the song “Голоса мира” (“Voices of peace”).
Director: Alexander Makov
Operator: Mikhail Yakunin
Executive producer: Oleg Larionov

“Voices of Peace” is the result of joint creativity between Lumen and their audience. At the end of 2015, the group invited everyone to participate in writing the lyrics for anti-war songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0tt2… and received hundreds of letters. “From different interpretations of common ideas came the final result“, says Tam Bulatov. – “We tried to put into the song what each author wanted to convey“.

The vocals brought together various young musical groups and speakers at different times at the festival Rocksmena, which Lumen perform at annually. In the choruses, you can hear 18 groups from three countries: Factoreal (St. Petersburg), Image Effect (Kiev, Ukraine), NGe (Minsk, Belarus), Nizkiz (Mogilev, Belarus), Near To Paradise (Blagoveshchensk, Bashkortostan), OLBY (Yekaterinburg), Qwerty (Moscow), Rowbens (Simferopol), Stempline (Irkutsk), Sweet Pad (Podolsk, Moscow region), “Agama” (Chelyabinsk), “Cinnamon” (Arkhangelsk), “Project Gitary” (Boryspil, Ukraine)”Straddle” (Tambov), “Counter thoughts” (Murmansk), “the thoughts of Others” (Izhevsk), “Yuri Gagarin” (Astrakhan), “Brighter!” (Ulyanovsk).

Lumen :

Schedule of concerts: http://lumen.ws/category/concerts/


Lumen - Golosa Mira

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Speed Mode : “Agony V”

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Speed Mode, “Agony V”, Feb 2016.
Techno from Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation.


Speed Mode

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