Trubetskoy : “Magister Bibendi”

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Trubetskoy, “Magister Bibendi”, title track from the album of the same name.
Rock from Minsk, Belarus.

Режиссер – Виталий Сидорук / Director – Vitaliy Sidoruk
Оператор – Дмитрий Шиханцов / Operator – Dmitry Shikhantsov

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Лигалайз & Trubetskoy, “Гагарин” (Ligalize & Trubetskoy : “Gagarin”).

Collaboration between Ligalize MC and Trubetskoy released on April 12th, 2015, International Day of the Cosmonaut.

Bio – Ligalize

Legalize is a cult Moscow rapper, who started his career in the early 90s, with the English language project Slingshot, and later, D. O. B. In 1996, he went from Russia to the Congo, where he was involved with the hip-hop project AERO Skwadra. He remained in the Congo for one year before being forced to return home because of the civil war there.

Back in Russia, Jam Style & Da Boogie sampled his vocals for their hit song “Вы хотели party”. The clip rotates television and reached the top of the MTV charts. Then came the creation of a super-group Легальный Бизне$$ (Legal Business$$), whose first song “Пачка сигарет” (“Pack of cigarettes”), using a sample from Victor Choi, became a nationwide hit. The subsequent “Мелодия моей души” (“Melody of my soul”) only cemented the success, and was followed by an album “Рифмомафия” (“Rithmomafia”).

At this point, Ligalize moved to Prague, where he released the “P-13” album in 2003. Later returning to Russia, he launched his own record label Intelligent Hoodlum Productions, and produced several CDs, including his solo album “XL”. In 2005, his video for “Первый отряд” (“First Squad”) was nominated for the MTV Russian Music Award. The track “Ни любви, ни тоски, ни жалости (Сволочи)” (“No Love, No Sorrow, No Pity (Bastards)”) became the title song of the film “Bastards”, the highest grossing Russian film of 2006. Legalize also wrote the soundtrack to the TV series “The Club” (MTV Russia), and the song “Будущие мамы” (“Future mothers”) became a national hit.

Bio – Trubetskoy

Trubetskoy, supergroup from Minsk, Belarus, formed after the dissolution of the group Lyapis Trubetskoy. Two groups emerged on September 1st, 2014 – BRUTTO and Trubetskoy.

Павел Булатников – вокал / Vocals
Руслан Владыко – гитара / Guitar
Александр Сторожук – барабаны / Drums
Алесь-Франтишек Мышкевич – бас-гитара / Bass Guitar

Ligalize :

Trubetskoy :

Ligalize and Trubetskoy

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