Lyric video for “High School”, by Spanish punk band The Pink Elephants. Track taken from their second album, “Wasted Youth” (2014).
Produced by Edgar Beltri, mixed by Stephen Egerton.

The Pink Elephants :!/ElephantsPink

Pink Elephants

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Los Makarras : “Nueva Krisis”

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Los Makarras, “Nueva Krisis”.
Primero videoclip de la banda. Canción extraida de su segundo álbum “Nueva Krisis”.

Los Makarras

Los Makarras

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Exage : “Leaks Of Truth”

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Exage, “Leaks Of Truth” (lyric video).

Exage – modern metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Formed in 2007.
Debut album “Part of Me” due to be released in September 2014.

Exage :

Exage - Part Of Me

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Drink Hunters, “Big Fella”, from the 2014 album “Lurking Behind The Woods”, now available on Maldito Records. The track talks about the Irish freedom fight in the early 19th century.

Vídeo del tema “Big Fella” del segundo álbum “Lurking Behind The Woods” de Drink Hunters.

Bio (EN)

Drink Hunters was born in Barcelona in 2008 when Pau (drums and vocals) and Aaron (bass and lead vocals) decided to take the path of celtic punk rock. They talked about the idea with Raja (guitar and vocals) to create the basis of the project they had in mind. Only missing the items to fill their energetic punk rock with Irish folk touches. And for that they contacted with Nando (fiddle) and Rosa (accordion). In early 2013 they signed Isra (Irish tin whistles and banjo) who added to the current band.

In 2010, on a shoestring budget, they managed to record their first EP, which was completely self-produced. In 2010 they signed with the label “Discos Rayados” and later that same year they had the opportunity to appear on the “Whiskey Devils Tribute to The Mahones” compilation with the song “Take No Prisoners”.

In late 2011, they presented their first album of 13 songs “With my Crew” which helped them gain recognition and several concerts outside Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula. In march 2012 they participated in a compilation of Paddy Rock (Paddy Rock Vol. 4) with the track “With my Crew” with other bands as The Mahones or The Rumjacks.
Their second album, “Lurking Behind The Woods” was released in 2014 on Maldito records.

Drink Hunters has shared the stage with bands like The Real Mckenzies, Mad Caddies, Pipes and Pints, The Dreadnoughts, La plebe, Blowfuse, Freygolo, Bastards on Parade, Skontra, Brutus Daughters, among others. They have now succeeded in carrying out concerts around Spain.

Bio (ES)

Drink Hunters nació en la ciudad de Barcelona el 2008 cuando Pau (batería y coros) y Aaron (bajista y vocalista) decidieron emprender el camino del celtic punk rock. Éstos hablaron de la idea con Raja (guitarrista y coros) para crear los cimientos del proyecto que tenían en mente. Sólo faltaban los elementos que cargaran su enérgico punk rock con toques folclóricos irlandeses y para ello contactaron con Nando (violín) y Rosa (acordeón diatónico). A principios de 2013 ficharon a Isra (irish tin whistles y banjo) que se añadiría a la formación actual.

En 2010, con un presupuesto muy reducido, lograron grabar su primer EP, el cual fue completamente autoproducido. En 2010 ficharon por el sello “Discos Rayados” y a finales de ese mismo año tuvieron la oportunidad de aparecer en un recopilatorio “Whiskey Devils a tribute to The Mahones” versionando el tema “Take no Prisoners”.

A finales del 2011, presentaron su primer álbum de 13 canciones “With my Crew” el cual les ayudo a obtener varios conciertos y reconocimiento fuera de Cataluña y de la Península Ibérica. En marzo de 2012 participaron en un recopilatorio de Paddy Rock (Paddy Rock Vol. 4) con el tema “With my Crew” junto a otros grupos como The Mahones o The Rumjacks. Su segundo álbum, “Lurking behind the woods” será presentado a principios del año 2014.

Drink Hunters ha compartido escenario con bandas como: The Real Mckenzies, Mad Caddies, Pipes and Pints, The Dreadnoughts, La plebe, Godfarts, Freygolo, Bastards on Parade, Skontra, Brutus Daughters, entre otros. Actualmente han logrado llevar a cabo conciertos por gran parte de España.


Album recorded by Oscar David in 2013-2014, and produced by Discos Rayados. Front cover created by Miquel Bruque and artbook created and designed by Daniel Raja. Released 10 March 2014.


Drink Hunters :!/drink_hunters

Maldito Records :

Drink Hunters

Videoclip oficial del primer single de “Regeneración XXI”, el último trabajo de la banda murciana “Distrito Bohemia”.

Distrito Bohemia surge como evolución de El Chulo Bohemio y la Banda República, actualmente en manos de El Chulo Bohemio como proyecto en solitario. La propuesta de Distrito Bohemia: Folk-Rock con guiños a los 70′s y 80′s.

Distrito Bohemia :!/DistritoBohemia

Distrito Bohemia