Offizielles Video zur Split 7inch zusammen mit Babayaga (“Red Headed Woman”).
Kamera & Schnitt: Robin Odasso.
Ska, Reggae & Rocksteady from Köln, Germany.

Hanno Schattow (Gitarre & Vocals)
Mike Goorman (Bass)
Markus Momma (Orgel & Piano)
Andreas Schulze (Drums)
Stephan Verfürth (Percussion & Vocals)
Fabian Bohnen (Posaune)
Philipp Watermeyer (Trompete & Vocals)
Nadine Jagusch (Sax)
Oliver Jennissen (Sax)


Masons Arms are at home in the Bamberg-based Rocking Records. Together in the autumn of 2012, the “Gepackt” album was published. Thanks to their dedicated label, the band regularly toured all over Germany – sharing the stage with Babylove & the van Dangos, the Skatalites, Jaya the Cat, the Slackers, Doreen Shaffer, the Moon Invaders, Dr. Woggle & the Radio, the Busters, Leo & the Lineup, El Bosso & die Skadiolas, Sebastian Sturm, The Beatdown, and many others.

Masons Arms was founded in 1995, in Rhenish Heinsberg. As one of the first German-speaking Skapunk Bands with their roots in the Skatepunk of the 90s, they quickly grew from being a local band to regional size, playing numerous concerts in both Germany and the Netherlands. After self-released Demos and EPs, as well as samplers for Vitaminepillen and Wolverine Records, the album, “Ex-girlfriends & broken hearts” was released in 2004 on the Cologne-based punk and hardcore label Unpopular Disclose Records.

After this, like many other bands of the same seniority, came a rest period with a lower stage presence where the members of the band concentrated on education/training, jobs, family, and children. But this time was used productively: new songs were written, new band members recorded, the musical horizon expanded with other band projects. With increasing age and musical maturity came a gradual instant change of style accompanied by just songwriter Hanno, recollecting himself increasingly on the roots of his own kind of music: Traditional Ska, early Reggae and Soul music of the late 60s and early 70s.

With Dr. Ring Ding, the Masons Arms won a producer who helped them to fine-tune their own musical roots in this style, but to remain faithful. With his support, they started the production of “Gepackt”. Andre Meyer of Rootdown Records helped them finally to their current sound.



“Gepackt” album on Amazon :

Masons Arms

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Wu-Tang Clan : “A Better Tomorrow”

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This visual was created by Wu-Tang Clan in the hopes of inspiring change and promoting unity throughout the world. Check out the video and share your opinions.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

The New Wu-Tang Clan Album “A Better Tomorrow” Is Available Now!

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Wu-Tang Clan :

Wu-Tang Clan

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Johnny Marr : “Dynamo”

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“Dynamo” is taken from Johnny’s second solo album “Playland”.

Vinyl (Amazon):

Produced by Sitcom Soldiers –
Directed by Sitcom Soldiers & Mat Bancroft

Official Website:

Johnny Marr

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Laufderzeit, “Подай мне знак” (“Give Me a Sign”). from the 2014 album “Die Grenzen Der Zeit”.
Interpretive film in full 4K.
Industrial metal / gothic metal from St. Peterburg, Russia.


Laufderzeit (German for “the passing of time” ) are a band from St. Petersburg, Russia, founded in September 2012 by guitarist and songwriter Manul’ом, who was later joined by the ex-vocalist of the band Frau Falter, Konstantin Brand.

Their musical style can be described as “Electro Sympho Gothic Metal”. Their German name comes from the influence on the band of gothic metal artists from Germany, such as Megaherz, Unheilig, Crematory and others.

Their first performance took place on January 25, 2014, opening for the cult German band Eisbrecher in the Aurora club, St. Petersburg, after which the group immediately received rave reviews. Following this, the band then supported darkwave band Das Ich in April 2014, as well as performing live at various venues in St. Petersburg, such as the Backstage Club, Waiting Room, MOD club and Stoker.

In April 2014, work was completed on their first studio album, called “Die Grenzen Der Zeit” (“The Limits of Time”). It was released initially in a limited edition and is now available for purchase in electronic form on the portal The album contains 10 songs, among which the audience favorites include “Do it”, “Death Wish” and “Among The Bare Branches”.


Links campaign :

Laufderzeit - Give Me A Sign

Kaze : “Cuentame”

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Kaze, “Cuentame”.
MC desde Cartagena (Murcia), España.


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