Brutto : “Brutto”

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Brutto, “Brutto”, 2014. Бригада Революционного Угара и Творческого Отпора.
Punk from Minsk, Belarus.


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Confront Stage, “Наперекор”​ (“Contrary”), 2014. Track taken from the album “Slave Work” available soon.
Hardcore punk from Ukraine.

Confront Stage - Contrary

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King Dude : “Fear Is All You Know”

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King Dude, promo video for “Fear is All You Know” from the new album “Fear” out now on Not Just Religious Music (USA) and Ván Records (EU). “Fear” was produced by the legendary Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans, Pigface, etc).

Video directed by Marielle Stobie, Cinematography by Emily Denton, Produced and Edited by TJ Cowgill.


Reverent as it is prophetic and stark, King Dude has previously shared his spiritual visions with releases on Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, and Ván records. Pulling together the biblical sound and isolation of the bygone days of revelation with an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, King Dude has woven his own brand of American music.
He brandishes many varied influences in his songwriting. Everything from British Folk, Americana, Country and Blues can be heard in his songs. Even the heavier sounds of Heavy Metal tend to sneak and slither it’s way into the King Dude canon. The resulting songs are much more of a modern day hymn then your average pop song.

King Dude’s music beg’s the soul to lift itself up from the darkness of ignorance, towards the ever shining glorious “Light” that exists outside of all of us yet that which we are eternally connected to and at once connects everyone on Earth.



King Dude :

Not Just Religious Music :

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King Dude

Zastranienie is a dynamic duo formed by two highly strong individuals – Boško and Ida. The two reside in Belgrade, Serbia and they feel rather frustrated with the environment – which is not refered to their homeland alone, but more in general terms of the world we live in.

New free download humanitarian song dedicated to raising awareness of ongoing catastrophe in Balkan.
Zastranienie sympathizes with all victims of the horrible floods terrorizing Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia at the moment. Please share and most importantly don’t forget to contribute to helplines!


Zastranienie :


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Triptykon, “Aurorae”, taken from the album “Melana Chasmata”. Century Media Records 2014.

The clip is an ominous visualisation of “Aurorae”, one of the most poignant and personal songs on “Melana Chasmata”. It was directed by Philipp Hirsch (who previously collaborated with Triptykon for the group’s highly acclaimed “Shatter” video clip), and filmed in Leipzig, Germany, earlier this year. As it was the case with “Shatter”, the “Aurorae” clip is based on concepts by Hirsch and Triptykon singer/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior.

The “Aurorae” clip is to be followed later in 2014 by an EP of the same title, featuring additional unreleased music by the group and released through Century Media Records/Prowling Death Records. Moreover, the end of the year will see Triptykon embark on a major European tour with At The Gates.

As Celtic Frost had once arisen from Hellhammer’s ashes, so arises Triptykon from Celtic Frost’s ashes.

Triptykon :

Video by Philipp Hirsch :

Century Media Records :