This is a compilation album of artists lending their support to WE SHALL OVERCOME weekend October 2/3/4 2015.

Over the course of the next four months this download will be a rotating cast of bands and singers kind enough to lend their time and talent to the cause, and we are anxious to see they get some new fans along the way.

This album is FREE to download. There is no obligation, but should you feel you would like to make a donation in return for this music, then please donate to: . This is a Just Giving page and all proceeds go to Shelter (UK homeless charity).

For more details on WSO visit, or on Facebook at : and

Gig Listings for WSO events :

We Shall Overcome

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New official video from Russian hardcore/metal band Siberian Meat Grinder.
Features a cameo appearance from the mighty Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front.
Produced and created by SMG, 2015.

Siberian Meat Grinder :

LP/CD available at:

SMG booking in Europe:

SMG booking in Russia, CIS:

Siberian Meat Grinder

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Asper X : “Змея”

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Asper X, “Змея” (“Snake”), 2015.

Asper X

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Wordburglar, “Rapplicable Skills” LP

Your friend’s brother’s favourite Canadian underground nerdy rap luminary returns with a non-stop, lyrical boom-bap masterpiece. Applying his unique blend of humour-infused wordplay, intricate storytelling and classic hip-hop mentality over a canvas of crushing bangers, hypnotic head-nodders and razor-sharp turntablism, his nerdy honesty, cutting puns and “what did he just say?” rhyme style are fully on point and ready to get injected into your ear-brains. From party tracks and hilarious punchline putdowns to video game conquests, ghost stories, comic shops, NHL Hall of Famers and hometown pride, Wordburglar has covered it all in extensively entertaining, rhyme-packed detail.

An instant rap party, “RAPPLICABLE SKILLS” contains 15 slammin’ tracks of ‘Burg’s patented lyricism over bumpin’ production from Beatmason, Fresh Kils, Milk Plus, Peter Project, Savilion and Timbuktu. Featuring the turntablism of DJ Irate, More Or Les & Uncle Fes and guest appearances from Chokeules, Ghettosocks, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, Savilion, Sy-Fi, Timbuktu and Ultra Magnus.

“Rapplicable Skills” drops August 28th.

AVAILABLE & SHIPPING as of AUGUST 28th. Full-length album featuring 15 new Wordburglar tracks. This limited edition, studio-mastered, sonically banging CD comes in an old-school, high quality, plastic jewel case, shrink wrapped and professionally manufactured – just like one of those CDs they used to sell at the stores your friend’s brother shoplifted at before the internet! Featuring fully realized, original artwork and design by James White of Signal Noise Studio and Dave Howlett. If you’d like your CD autographed just ask. Includes a digital download of the full 15 track album “Rapplicable Skills”.

Wordburglar :

Wordburglar - Rapplicable Skills

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No More : “Turnaround”

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No More, “Turnaround”, from the album “Silence & Revolt”, released July 2015 on Rent A Dog Records.

No More are Andy Schwarz & Tina Sanudakura.
Post Punk / Electronica / Pop from Kiel, Germany.



NO MORE live in concert:

06.09.2015 DEUTZEN (D) – NCN Festival
03.10.2015 DETMOLD – Electronic Circus Festival
30.10.2015 KIEL (D) – Kein Kiel Festival – Kieler Schaubude
06.11.2015 ESSEN – Panic Room – & NRT
07.11.2015 BREMEN (D) – Römer

No More

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