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“San Maritan”, official video from the album “Gran Galà”.

The video begins with an happy crowd that after becomes a crowd of puppets while the band that would like them to wake up is so deluded while see them becoming empty figures. The tarocs of this video rapresent the incapacity of action of people that bring them to be handled by the power, and the mask represents the power and its role remember the flutist of the “Magic flute” (Der Zauberflote).

It is a video about the crisis of new young movements left alone in front of the slogans of the majority parties. The crisis of culture in Berlusconian’s italy is driving everyone and everthing to destruction and emptyness.

Talco :

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Pre-order “Gran Galà” from the band´s web site : http://www.talcoska.com/preorder.php

Talco - Gran Gala

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