Wasted Youth : “Keep On Fighting”

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Wasted Youth, “Keep On Fighting”, from the forthcoming 2013 album “Knights of the Oppressed” on True Media Records.



Wasted Youth is a hardcore punk band coming from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. They started in 2008 and since then, they have played a lot around Germany and Europe and shared stage with bands like Madball, Death Before Dishonour, Vitamin X, Agnostic Front, H2O etc. Their first full length Stay Free was released in the end 2010 on Diffidati Records/Casual Records. After some line up changes it was followed by “Remembering Means Fighting”, released by Fire & Flames in 2011, a 4 songs EP dedicated to Georg Elser, a working class man from their area who attempted to assasinate Adolf Hitler in 1939. With a lot of hardcore and street punk influences, Wasted Youth represents hardcore punk the way it should be, political, with strong leftist and antifascist attitude.
Wasted Youth es una banda de hardcore punk que viene de Schwäbisch Gmünd, Alemania. Comenzaron en 2008 y desde entonces, han jugado mucho por Alemania y Europa y ha compartido escenarios con bandas como Madball, Death Before Dishonour, Vitamin X, Agnostic Front, H20, etc. Su primer disco (LP) “Stay Free” fue lanzado al fin de 2010 por Diffidati Records/Casual Records. Después de algunos cambios de formación que le siguió “Remembering Means Fighting”, publicado por Fire & Flames en 2011, un EP de 4 canciones dedicado a Georg Elser, un hombre de clase obrera de su área que intentó asesinar a Adolf Hitler en 1939. Con una gran cantidad de influencias hardcore punk y streetpunk, Wasted Youth representa hardcore punk como se debe ser, político, con una fuerte actitud de izquierdas y antifascista.

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